Abrazo (Sound collage)

Abrazo (hug) is a sound collage made from samples of different sounds such as field recordings, songs, interviews etc. The sound-base of the piece is the recording of my grandfather’s traditional andean (huanca) velorio in Perú which was festive, loud and strong while family and friends celebrate his life and cry their departure on the street outside his house. The impossibility to be with my family led me to hug them and hold their tears with a sound homage.

Occam’s razor consisted in a two day event, one studio session at Platform studios, and one listening event at Eric Ericsson hallen in collaboration with Lumen Project

Abrazo (Occam’s razor) – platform, Stockholm

C / P / S, led by artist Tarek Atoui, is a post-master course
within the research programme of Kungl. Konsthögskolan/
Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.
C / P / S is Alan Affichard, Ami Kohara, Igor Porte, Jeremiah Runnels,
Johanna Mårtensson, Julia Giertz and Rossana Mercado-Rojas, all
professional practitioners from areas such as music, visual arts, art history
and performing arts.

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