Agua de Colonia/ EaU de Cologne

Photos by Andreas Bagge

Installation/Encounter as part of Vattenmarknaden (Water Market) -“Konstnärliga avsmyckningar av Norra Djurgårdsstaden, Akt III: Vatten” by @Mossutstallningar – August 16th, 2020

Through different items displayed in the form of a Yunza, a traditional festivity from the andes of Peru where a tree is decorated with presents and colorful decoration as a celebration during the rain-months, the visitors and I were able to talk about water and colonialism, development, access to water and sanitation, displacement of (indigenous) communities, green capitalism, extractivism and pandemias; and what would have happened if the north would be in the south, and the global south in the north. 

Conversation with Stella D’Ailly from Mossutstallningar

Links to the event description at Mossutstallningar website

“If Europe would have discovered Sweden, there will be no water here”

Photos by Princess Jimenez Beltre

Process: Preparation of items hanged at the tree. Agua de colonia.

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