Occam’s Razor: Collective performance with C/P/S

C / P / S, led by artist Tarek Atoui, is a post-master course
within the research programme of Kungl. Konsthögskolan/
Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. The approach of C / P / S
stems from Atoui’s work with music, instruments and performance. Together the group think and work around these
notions and their interconnections; experimental instruments
and instrument making become the starting point for creating
encounters with diverse audiences and engaging with the
reality and musicality of a place.
C / P / S is Alan Affichard, Ami Kohara, Igor Porte, Jeremiah Runnels,
Johanna Mårtensson, Julia Giertz and Rossana Mercado-Rojas, all
professional practitioners from areas such as music, visual arts, art history
and performing arts.

C / P / S open studio session + bar Platform has since autumn 2018 hosted Kungl. Konsthögskolan/ Royal Institute of Art and functioned as an external studio for C / P / S. A creative place for research, meetings and discussions with guests and professionals from different fields as well as a space for developing new work togeth- er. The first part of Occam’s Razor is an intimate open studio session + bar at Platform with various contributions from the C / P / S members.

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Eric Ericsson Hallen

Eric Ericsonhallen C / P / S x LUMEN PROJECT
This special collaboration between LUMEN PROJECT and C / P / S will generate an atmospheric experience through time and space at Eric Ericsonhallen. It is an evening where individual and collective works of sound, performance, and video by the C / P / S members are interlinked and together activate different architectur- al aspects of the church and immerse its visitors.

Rossana Mercado-Rojas explores the transitions of former religious buildings into secular spaces for cultural activation. Through exploration with different media, Mercado-Rojas seeks to recall notions such as religion, power, history, nation, and culture.